Certification according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management Standard


  • Your customers are increasingly asking for a copy of your ISO-9001 certificate. If you haven't got one, you have to deal with filling in Quality Questionnairs and Surveys and provide information about your business that you consider sensitive and/or confidential.
  • You have had plans to implement ISO-9001 for some time already.
  • For one reason or another, you haven't found the time and/or the right people to start or complete the process, and in addition, you are sceptical about the benefits that ISO certification may bring to your business.
  • People have told you horror stories about a mountain of paperwork involved.
  • If you have started the process already, but your ISO task team is complaining about the lack of commitment and co-operation from the involved departments and the huge amount of work needed to (re)write all procedures and other quality documents.
  • Your ISO task team is doing its utmost best to get things going, but they have not gone through the process before and would love to receive more concrete directions and knowledgeable suggestions about how to proceed in a more efficient way.
  • Timelines are slipping and you are considering to postpone the ISO certification, because it appears to be very difficult to keep up to the initial timeline.


  • You really do want to become ISO-9001-certified, because you believe that this will showcase your business as a reliable, quality business partner, focussing on satisfying the needs of nowaday's customers.
  • You already have some kind of Quality System and quality procedures in place. It will probably require modifications and possible extensions to make it 'ISO proof', but there should be no need to develop everything from scratch.
  • It will be possible to have your organisation ISO-9001 certified on an acceptable timescale and without too many 'paperwork frustrations'.
  • During the preparation process and after ISO-9001-certification has been obtained, you will be pleased about the increasing awareness of and insight into the goals and metrics that drive your business, by yourself, your management team and your employees.


  • I can help you in obtaining your ISO-9001 certificate by assisting your organisation in getting prepared for the certification audit, within an agreed time frame.
  • Sharing my expertise with your ISO task team will help them to stay on track and to efficiently and purposely build a certifyable Quality Management System. There will be more motivation, less frustration and a celebration at the end.


  • I have worked in a corporate business environment for over 21 years. I know what B2B is about.
  • I have expertise in most aspects of a modern business: Management (including Quality), R&D, Manufacturing, Customer Service and Sales.
  • I went through an ISO quality certification process several times. I know many of the possible pitfalls.
  • I know how to motivate, instruct, guide and mentor people. In fact, I enjoy it a lot !
  • Finally: I am on your side, I am not the certifying body!


Let's get in touch, and discuss how we can work together.
dr. Rob Jakobs - Consultant

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