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Login One! - Log-in management
Joomla! 4 nativeJoomla! plug-in

> Compatible with Joomla! 4.2 up to 4.2.7 (incl) and PHP 8
> Comparison of editions, click here.

A nifty plug-in that prevents multiple concurrent log-ins by the same user credentials. A wonderful and effective tool for websites that share or exchange potentially sensitive information amongst registered users. Supports Two-Factor Authentication.
User needs to either sign off the first session, or wait until the first session has expired.
Super Users can always have multiple log-ins.

This is a limited Trial edition. It is very basic and for evaluation only. The Premium and Business editions are the 'real thing', with full frontend language support and additional options to allow multiple log-ins for specified groups and users. In the Business Edition, specified users can be denied multiple log-ins and the maximum number of simultaneous log-ins for allowed users can be configured. You can also allow/deny multiple log-ins for any ID/IP combination, and there is much more.

The Business Edition is a 'must' if you are really serious about managing multiple log-ins for your professional website(s).
Use our Online Product Advisor to help you find the right edition.

Supported languages:
Freeware edition: English.
Premium and Business Edition: Frontend - configurable. Backend - English.

System requirements and note:

  • Joomla! 4.x only. Joomla! 4.2 or later with PHP 8.0.15 or later
  • Joomla! back-end global config (tab system): Session Handler set to "database" (i.e. not "Filesystem")
  • Standard Joomla! log-in module used. The plug-in may work also with other 3rd party log-in modules, but this cannot be guaranteed.
  • Browser has cookies enabled.
  • Note: The Joomla! Remember Me function is not compatible with the plug-in and is automatically disabled by the plug-in.

Demo of the J3 version: see here or our Youtube Channel

More information: see here.
Configuration overview:
see here.
Discount & Refund policy:
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Forum: see here.

Basic setup instructions are here. These are also in the documentation that comes with the download package.
Trouble Shooting guide: see here.

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