Drop-a-Note Premium - J3

Short Messaging module. For personal and one-man business use only.

Joomla! 3 native Joomla! module

Updated !Drop-a-Note Premium Edition for Joomla 3.x (live demo) (demo on YouTube)
For personal, one-man business and non-profit websites only.
Current version: 3.1.1. Compatible with PHP 5.5+ and PHP 7, PHP 8.
Updates through the Joomla! update system.
Purchase includes one (1) year free updates.

Drop-A-Note is a self-supporting Short Messaging module that allows your website visitors to post messages. No 3rd party subscriptions, keys or APIs are required. In other words: it's user-friendly, simple and effective.
The messages are displayed in a scrolling window to be placed in any module position that your webite allows.
If you configure the module to allow for anonymous posts, there is no need for posters to register an account. In order to avoid spam messages, anonymous posts can be configured to require activation through an emailed link before being published. Various other configuration options are available to make the module as user-friendly as possible whilst keeping ill-intentioned posters away.

In comparison to the freeware edition, we consider the Premium Edition as the minimum requirement for providing a short messaging service on a production website.
Although... you can take yourself one step further: the Business Edition, our great pride, provides additional executive options that will give you an even better control for your business or corporate website.

Install or upgrade via Joomla! back-end.
Configuration overview: see here.

Requirements: Joomla! 3.5 or later, PHP 5.5 or later (incl. PHP 7 or PHP 8)

Basic install, upgrade and setup instructions are in the documentation that comes with the download package.

Back-end language: English
Front-end languages: English, Dutch
All language definitions are in a separate language file and can be edited by any simple text editor, e.g. Notepad.

Demo: See here or our YouTube channel

License: For personal, one-man business and non-profit use only. License terms are here.
Support: Limited support. Support terms are here.

Discount and refund policy: see here.

You may want to try the free Trial Edition first. The trial edition has very limited options and functions, but although it is rather far off this Premium Edition, it will give you a feel for what the module can do.


Fri, 11-Aug-2017 @14:10
After I tried the freeware version, I was curious about the Premium version. I read the online manual and decided to get it. I use it on my website only for logged-in visitors to leave their comments. Only a few dollars spent and enjoying it. Also very helpful and informative for my site visitors
Gianluca Taccini
Mon, 4-Jul-2016 @11:58
I love this one, especially the business edt because it allows to include pics. It's pure fun
Frank Brinkmans
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