Fair Log-in Premium - J3

System plug-in that progressively brings brute force log-in attempts to a grinding halt. For personal and one-man business use only.

Joomla! 3.0 nativeJoomla! plug-in


Fair Log-in Premium Edition for Jooma! 3
For personal, one-man business and non-profit websites only. Limited support.
Current version: 2.3.0. Compatible with Joomla! 3.x and PHP 5.3+ and PHP 7, PHP 8.
Updates through the Joomla! update system.
Purchase includes one (1) year free updates.

A log-in gate keeper plug-in

Fair Log-in Standard Edition has been renamed Premium Edition.
This plug-in progressively delays log-in attempts to both the front- and back-end of your website. The progression speed can be configured.
Automated brute force log-in attempts are made increasingly inefficient and are eventually given up.

The Business Edition includes the option to block and log offending IP addresses for a configurable length of time.

You can use our free Fair Log-in Monitor module alongside this plug-in, as a diagnostic tool that displays the number of back- and front-end log-in attempts that are currently being made. The Monitor can be downloaded free of charge and can help you decide what level of protection your website requires.

Install or upgrade the plug-in via Joomla! back-end.
Configuration overview: see here.

Requirements: Joomla! 3.5.3 or later, with PHP 5.3 or later or PHP 7, PHP 8.

Basic install, upgrade and setup instructions are in the documentation that comes with the download package.

Language: English.

License: For personal, one-man business and non-profit use only. License terms are here.
Support: Limited support. Support terms are here.

Discount and refund policy: see here.

You may want to try the freeware edition first. The freeware edition does not expire, but has limited options and is meant for evaluation only.



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