JHacker Watch Remote Monitoring - J3

Remote Monitoring subscription for the JHacker Watch plug-in, all editions for Joomla! 3.0
Sales price:€ 1.25

Subscription period

Remote Monitoring subscription for the JHacker Watch plug-in (all editions for Joomla! 3.x).
Compatible with PHP 5.3+ and PHP 7.
Purchase includes one (1) year free updates.

To be used for the registration or renewal of your JHacker Watch Remote Monitoring key.

Default is 1 week subscription period, just to give you the flavour of this service.
Use the selector to select other subscription periods and better offers.

After completion of your purchase, you will be able to download the instructions (PDF file) about how to register and implement your personal JHacker Watch Remote Monitoring key.
Make sure that you have installed and enabled the plug-in on your website before engaging in the registration of your key. Always check for the latest version in the plug-in management screen (back-end).

What it does:
Remote Monitoring is a service provided by Innato BV and is used in combination with the JHacker Watch plug-in.
Some basic details of your plug-in install will be regularly checked by the monitoring software residing on our server, only to see if these details have changed. No content or other data whatsoever are collected. If the plug-in details deviate from your remote monitoring registration that we have on record, for example when the plug-in has been disabled, you will be notified immediately by email.

Best Before date:
The subscription period starts counting from the moment you activate the key on the website that has the JHacker Watch plug-in installed. So no problem if you purchase it now and start using it a year later!


Sat, 20-Jan-2018 @21:40
Easily configurable and can be trusted to check your website a few times per day. Probably not 100% efficient against top notch professional hackers but will protect for vast majority of actual threats. I had no issues whatsoever during the past year.
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