JUserPrune Business - J3

System plug-in for managing frontend and backend user accounts. For personal and business use.

Joomla! 3.0 nativeJoomla! plug-in


Update!JUserPrune Business Edition for Jooma! 3
For personal and business use. Support provided.
Current version:3.2.0. Compatible with PHP 5.3+ and PHP 7, PHP 8.
Updates through the Joomla! update system.
Purchase includes one (1) year free updates.

A plug-in that automatically disables or removes both frontend and backend user accounts that have not been activated or not been used during a configurable period, or have been idle for too long (also configurable). Customised user groups are not processsed by default but can be included.
Specified user accounts and groups can be excluded from or included in being processed. Options to pre-warn account holders and notify administrators by email.

When the plug-in is fired, is configurable, for example only when a registered user logs in or at regular time intervals. In this way the server load can be reduced. Recommended for high volume websites.

Install or upgrade via Joomla! backend.

- Joomla! 3.5 or later
- PHP 5.3 or later, PHP 7 or PHP 8

Basic install, upgrade and setup instructions are in the documentation that comes with the download package.
Configuration overview: see here.

Backend language: English.

License: For personal use only. License terms are here.
Support: Extended support. Support terms are here. You may find the answer to your question on our forum.

Refund and discount policy: see here.

You may want to try the free standard edition first. The standard edition does not manage backend user accounts.


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