Joomla! one-click updateTrouble Shooting Guide for the Innato Update Services

Preamble and disclaimer:
This page is regularly reviewed. Based on customer queries that we have received, we may expand or alter it as needed.
The information presented here is to be considered a basic guideline and is provided 'as is', without any form of warranty or guarantee. We accept no liabilities for using the informations on this page. The content of this page is subject to change without notice.

> This troubleshooting guide applies exclusively to the updating of extensions developed by and obtained directly from Innato BV.

You must have installed the Innato Updater system plug-in on your website. If this is the case, make sure it has been enabled (published).
If you do not have the Innato Updater plug-in installed, then look for the plug-in download link in the extension's description (Joomla! back-end of your website) and download/install/enable it; this is a one-off action.

The most commonly made omission / mistake is that the documentation which is included in the downloaded extension is not read. Many of the requests for help that we receive can be simply answered by the famous initialism RTFM.
The documentation can be accessed by unzipping the downloaded extension file, or through a link in the extension's description at the back-end of your Joomla! website.

Some of the obvious solutions, even if already mentioned in the documentation, are included in the guidelines below.

Below information relates only to software using the Innato Update Service for paid extensions from Innato.
It does not apply to freeware/trial extensions from Innato nor to extensions from Innato that must be updated manually, as described here.

We take the Login One! Premium plug-in as an example. Click on the images to enlarge.

  • After you have installed the plug-in, you must configure it properly in order to use the Innato Update Service. Fill in your purchase details (order number plus the email address that was used for the purchase) in the appropriate fields under the 'Purchase Details' tab. Unless you uninstall the plug-in completely, this action is a 'once only'.
    NOTE: If the free update period has expired and you have subscribed to our update service, you still need to fill in the purchase details of the plug-in purchase, i.e. NOT of your update subscription.
Login One! plug-in Purchase Details tab
  • If you have not installed the Innato Updater system plug-in, or you have disabled it, you will see an error notice when you attempt to update. The notice reads "Error updating COM_INSTALLER_TYPE_TYPE_.", as in the image at the right.
Error when Innato Updater plug-in not installed
  • A download link to the Innato Updater plug-in can be found in the description (Joomla! back-end) of the extension that you have installed, see image at the right.
    If there is no download link for the Innato Updater, then the extension is not (yet) using the Innato Updater; it must be updated manually, as described here.
Description tab includes download link to the Innato Updater plug-in
  • If you have installed and enabled the Innato Updater and something went wrong with the update - for example, you have not configured your purchase details - you will see a notice as shown at the right.
    The notice includes a link to this troubleshooting guide, a link to manually check for updates and a link to an informational page which may give more details of the problem.

    Below are two examples of informations presented in the above mentioned 'informational page':
Update error notice from Innato Updater
> You have not configured your purchase details. The updater doesn't know which purchase order to look for. Innato Updater informational page. You have not configured your purchase details.
> You have configured your purchase details, but the order number cannot be found. Please double-check your order details. You must use the order details of your plug-in purchase, NOT of your update subscription, if any. Innato Updater informational page. The configured order could not be found.

Joomla! update errorYou are trying to update one or more extension(s) and the above mentioned error notice appears. Some or all of the extensions seem to have not been updated. This notice is a very general one, without further detail, and something has obviously gone wrong. There may also be a warning notice saying "Update path does not exist".

Possible causes:

  • This is the standard Joomla! behaviour if the update(s) has (have) failed. Maybe you have not installed and enabled the Innato Updater plug-in (only for extensions from Innato BV).
  • The Login One! Business and Premium plug-in version 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 that you may have installed, is interefering with later updates of the Innato Update Services.


  • For Innato extensions other than Login One! Business plug-in version 3.4.0 or 3.4.1, install and/or enable (publish) the Innato Updater plug-in and try again to update your extension(s). A download link to the Innato Updater plug-in can be found in the description (Joomla! back-end) of the extension that is to be updated. If updates fail again, you should see an error notice that includes a link to a self-explanatory page which will guide you further.
    You may try to visit the following URL in your browser (example): http://yourdomain.tld/tmp/innato_delete_this_file_.html this URL is composed as follows: <the base URL of your website> followed by '/tmp/innato_delete_this_file_.html'. Please mind the underscore and the dot just before 'html'. If you visit the URL, you may be able to see what the update problem is. If you get a readable page, you have indeed not installed/enabled the Innato Updater plug-in.
  • If you have the Login One! Business or Premium plug-in version 3.4.0 or 3.4.1 installed, you must update these before anything else. Recommended is to update the plug-in manually, by checking for a new version in the authentication plug-in description.
  • If you have no time to troubleshoot, you may update the plug-in manually, by clicking the 'is this the latest version' link in the authentication plug-in description. See here.
  • If all the above does not work, please contact us for support and provide the following details of the Innato extension to be updated: product name, order number and the email address that you have used for the purchase order of the extension (not of the Innato Updater plug-in).

See the above number 2.

Please check if your Joomla! version is 3.8.4 or later and your PHP version is 5.3 or later or PHP 7.


04 June 2020

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