Web design & Web projects
Web Design
Web Software Development for Joomla!


Commercial / Market / Product Development
Market introduction of new or improved products
Pricing strategy, pricing analysis, product positioning
Technical product development and improvement processes
Technical customer support: what is needed and how to implement ?

Management and Organisation
Interim management and management advices
Organisational effectiveness
Self-managing teams

Manufacturing and Technical
Fibre and yarn technologies, developments, manufacturing, quality control and applications (specialised in elastic yarns)
Electrochemical industry and laboratories: electroplating, electroanalysis
Manufacturing and organisational work flow analysis and optimisation
Assessment of manufacturing capabilities. Are you really as good as you think ?
Training and mentoring of technical personnel

Quality Assurance and Quality Control Systems
QA/QC system development, improvement and implementation
Laboratory capability development
Results interpretation advices and training
ISO-9001 quality system certification: from start until certification and beyond

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