Login Limiter plug-inOverview of configurable parameters of Login Limiter user plug-in for Joomla! 3.x
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Why you should go for the Premium or Business Edition:

Premium Edition

  • Operates at back-end and front-end (configurable).
  • Configurable log-in counter reset time period.
  • User notification message configurable to your own language.
  • Specified user groups can be allowed unlimited log-ins.
  • License includes one-man business.
  • Support.

Additional with the Business Edition

  • Specified Groups, user IDs, IP addresses and email addresses can be excluded from default max log-ins and time span.
  • Special user groups, IDs, IPs can be configured to have their own max log-ins and time span.
  • IP switch during time span can be disallowed.
  • User notification when exceeding limit can be by message, redirect to article or redirect to URL.
  • License includes one-man business and Corporate.

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> Premium Edition back-end configuration screenshot 1
> Business Edition back-end configuration screenshot 1 / 2 / 3


Description (see note below)



Log-in limiting
Front-end Yes Yes Yes
Back-end No Yes Yes
Configure max number of log-ins Yes Yes Yes
Log-in counter reset time period configurable No Yes Yes
Excludes may have unlimited log-ins No Yes Yes
Excludes may have configurable max log-ins No No Yes
Exclude user groups No Yes Yes
Exclude individual IDs and IPs No No Yes
Exclude user ID/IP combinations No No Yes
Exclude email addresses No No Yes
Special user groups, configurable log-ins No No Yes
Disallow IP switch during time span No No Yes
User notification language configurable Yes Yes Yes
Redirect to article No No Yes
Redirect to URL No No Yes

General descriptions      
Joomla! 3.x native Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with PHP 7 and PHP 8 Yes Yes Yes
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes Yes Yes
Open source Yes Yes Yes
GNU/GPL license Yes No No
License for personal and
one-man business websites
No Yes Yes
Full business license No No Yes
Updates through Joomla! update system Yes Yes Yes

Support No Limited Extended

Note: To learn the meaning of the above specific descriptions, please see the manual of the Trial Edition, which includes a brief overview of the Premium and Business Editions.

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