Fair Log-in plug-inOverview of configurable parameters of the Fair Log-in plug-in for Joomla! 3.
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Why you should go for the Standard or Business Edition:

Standard Edition

  • Operates on both the front- and back-end using shared configuration.
  • Configurable delay increment type: linear or exponential.
  • License includes one-man business.
  • Limited support.

Additional with the Business Edition

  • Back- and front-end settings can be configured independently.
  • IP blocking after configurable number of failed attempts.
  • Allow specified countries to log into back-end, block all others
  • Ban specified countries from logging into front-end.
  • Option to permanently block IPs.
  • Option to log blocked IPs.
  • Full business license including Corporate.
  • Extended support.

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Configuration options      
Delay of front-end log-in attempts Yes Yes Yes
Plug-in scope back-end, front-end or both No Yes Yes
Independent back- and front-end settings No No Yes
Linear delay increment Yes Yes Yes
Exponential delay increment No Yes Yes
Configurable IP blocking threshold No No Yes
Allow specified countries to log into back-end No No Yes
Ban specified countries from logging into front-end No No Yes
Option to block IPs permanently No No Yes
Optional logging of blocked IPs No No Yes

General descriptions      
Joomla! 3.x native Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with PHP 7 and PHP 8 Yes Yes Yes
Open source Yes Yes Yes
GNU/GPL license Yes No No
License for personal and
one-man business websites
No Yes Yes
Full business license No No Yes
Updates through Joomla! update system Yes Yes Yes

Support No Limited Extended

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