JHacker Watch plug-inOverview of configurable parameters of JHacker Watch system plug-in for Joomla! 3.
This information is provided 'as is', without any form of warranty or guarantee.

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Why you should go for the Standard or Business Edition:

Standard Edition

  • Monitoring of directory and file modify date and file size.
  • Extended autoremove function.
  • Extended directory and file inclusion/exclusion options.
  • Option to exclude individual root files from file date/size monitoring
  • User group monitoring.
  • Show back-end notifications one time only (configurable).
  • Support.

Additional with the Business Edition

  • Option to exclude any individual files from file date/size monitoring
  • Detection of duplicate user account details (configurable).
  • Notifications can be configured to include Admin groups.
  • Protection against back-end access by other than allowed IP addresses.
  • Full business license including Corporate.
  • Extended support.

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> Trial Edition back-end configuration screenshot
> Business Edition back-end configuration screenshot




Back-end log-in
Back-end access filter by IP No No Yes
Management and monitoring      
Auto-remove non-standard root index files Yes Yes Yes
 Auto-remove other non-standard root files No Yes Yes
Auto-remove file exclusion No Yes Yes
Account monitor (excl. user group) Yes Yes Yes
User group monitoring No Yes Yes
Detection of added and removed user accounts No Yes Yes
Detection of duplicate account details No No Yes
Directory monitor Yes Yes Yes
Monitor directory/file modify date and file size No Yes Yes
Monitor non-standard root directories No Yes Yes
Include (sub) directories in monitoring No Yes Yes
Exclude (sub) directories from monitoring Yes Yes Yes
Exclude root files from date/size monitoring No Yes Yes
Exclude any individual file from date/size monitoring No No Yes
Remote Monitoring subscription (optional) Yes Yes Yes
Notification individual email addresses Yes Yes Yes
Admin group email notification No No Yes
Option show back-end notification one time only No  Yes Yes

General descriptions      
Joomla! 3 native Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7, PHP 8 compatible Yes Yes Yes
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes Yes Yes
Open source Yes Yes Yes
GNU/GPL license Yes No No
License for personal and
one-man business websites
No Yes Yes
Full business license No No Yes
Updates through Joomla! update system Yes Yes Yes

Support No Limited Extended

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