JUser BestBefore plug-inOverview of configurable parameters of JUser BestBefore plug-in for Joomla! 3.
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Why you should go for the Premium or Business Edition:

Premium Edition

  • Expiring user accounts can be disabled first and removed later (configurable)
  • User accounts can be expired at log-in
  • User accounts can be expired at a configured date
  • Specified users can be excluded from being disabled or removed
  • Customised user groups can be included
  • Extended options for expiration period (1 hour to 5 years)
  • License includes one-man business
  • Support

Additional with the Business Edition

  • Two independent user account clusters can be configured
  • User groups other than 'front-end registered' can be included
  • Maximum number of log-ins can be configured
  • Configurable autoconversion to a different user group
  • Disabled user accounts can be re-activated (requires component)
  • Prewarn users about pending disable/remove and notify admins
  • License includes Corporate business edition
  • Extended support

Use our Online Product Advisor to help you find the right edition.

> Trial Edition back-end configuration screenshot
> Premium Edition back-end configuration screenshot
> Business Edition back-end configuration screenshot 1 screenshot 2 / Component screenshot




Plug-in Options      
Test mode Yes Yes Yes
Suppress test mode report No Yes Yes
Test mode report type No No Yes
Email notification to users and administrators No No Yes
Independent user account clusters No No Yes
Expiry mode 'disable' or 'remove' Yes Yes Yes
Expiry mode 'disable first remove later' No Yes Yes
Expiry after set period Yes Yes Yes
Expiry after set period OR at date No Yes No
Expiry after set period OR/AND at date No No Yes
Expiry at log-in No Yes Yes
Expire at maximum number of log-ins No No Yes
Autoconversion to user group after set period or at log-in No No Yes
Extended options for expiration period (1h - 5yrs) No Yes Yes
Expiration time active accounts Yes Yes Yes
Expiration time disabled accounts No Yes Yes
Include customised user groups No Yes Yes
Include user groups other than 'front-end registered' No No Yes
Individual user ID exclusion Yes Yes Yes

General descriptions      
Joomla! 3 native Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7 and PHP 8 compatible Yes Yes Yes
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes Yes Yes
Open source Yes Yes Yes
Component to re-activate user accounts available No No Yes
GNU/GPL license Yes No No
License for personal and
one-man business websites
No Yes Yes
Full business license No No Yes
Updates through Joomla! update system Yes Yes Yes

Support No Limited Extended

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