Login One! plug-inOverview of configurable parameters of Login One! authentication plug-in for Joomla! 3.
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Why you should go for the Premium or Business Edition:

Premium Edition

  • Deals with the 'keep alive' limitationsWhat is this? - Opens new window
  • Strict Mode option. Setting this to 'No' allows multiple log-ins from same work station (for users who tend to forget to log off)
  • Option to set plug-in scope to 'front-end only' or 'back-end only'
  • User notification message configurable to your own language.
  • Log-in behaviour configurable at group level.
  • Specified groups can be allowed unlimited simultaneous log-ins.
  • Supports the Joomla! PHP session handler (in addition to the database session handler)
  • Administrator warning about major install and config issues, e.g. Joomla! core compatibility.
  • License includes one-man business.
  • Support.

Additional with the Business Edition

  • Compatible with other log-in modules than standard Joomla! mod_login (tested with mod_otlogin, mod_jf_login, ja_login, mod_je_popuplogin)
  • Option to notify administrator upon simultaneous log-in attempt.
  • Option to disable (block) a user account instead of denying log-in access.
  • Option to redirect to either page or URL upon simultaneous log-in denial.
  • First log-in configurable at IP and ID level.
  • Multiple log-ins configurable at IP and user ID level.
  • An unlimited number of 'Special User Groups' can be allowed limited number of simultaneous log-ins.
  • Specified Groups, IPs and user IDs can be allowed and denied simultaneous log-ins.
  • Specified combinations of user ID and IP address can be allowed and denied.
  • Option to force log-out of other sessions.
  • IP switch protection.
  • Accept user log-in by username or email address or by either.
  • Option to set a Master Password for selected User Groups ("one password for all").
  • License includes one-man business and Corporate.

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> Premium Edition back-end configuration screenshot
> Business Edition back-end configuration screenshot 1 / 2




Multiple log-in blocking      
Strict mode option No Yes Yes
Front-end and back-end log-ins Yes Yes Yes
Only front-end or back-end blocking No Yes Yes
Supports Two-Factor Authentication Yes Yes Yes
Option to disable user instead of denying access No No Yes
All user groups (except Super Admins) Yes Yes Yes
IP addresses No No Yes
Individual user ID / IP address combinations No No Yes
Individual user IDs No No Yes
Option to force log-out of other sessions No No Yes
Override of standard log-inWhat is this? - Opens new window No Yes Yes
Allow multiple log-in      
Specified user groups (unlimited log-ins) No Yes Yes
Special User Groups (limited log-ins) No No Yes
 IP addresses No No Yes
Individual user ID / IP address combinations No No Yes
Individual user IDs No No Yes
Maximum simultaneous sessions No No Yes
Admin notification option No No Yes
User notification language configurable No Yes Yes
Redirect to article No No Yes
Redirect to URL No No Yes
Increased compatibility with 3rd party log-in modules No No Yes
IP switch protection No No Yes
User log-in type (by username/email) No No Yes
Master Password option No No Yes
Allow first log-in at IP and user ID level No No Yes
Supports Joomla! PHP session handler No Yes Yes
Supports Joomla! database session handler Yes Yes Yes
Administrator warning about major install and config issues Yes Yes Yes

General descriptions      
Joomla! 3 native Yes Yes Yes
PHP 7 and PHP 8 compatible Yes Yes Yes
Valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional Yes Yes Yes
Open source Yes Yes Yes
GNU/GPL license Yes No No
License for personal and
one-man business websites
No Yes Yes
Full business license No No Yes
Updates through Joomla! update system Yes Yes Yes

Support No Limited Extended

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