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TOPIC: General pricing and VAT (sales tax) policy

General pricing and VAT (sales tax) policy 06 Dec 2015 11:09 #419

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Our software is competitively priced, which is made possible by minimising handling costs through a high degree of automation of the purchasing and delivery process.
In order to avoid additional administrative costs, we include VAT (sales tax) in ALL our sales and pay this to the Netherlands tax authority, regardless in which country the product is being used. In other words, we are not applying possible international taxation options where VAT can be transferred to another country. Such VAT transfer requires communication with the destination tax authority and therefore involves additional administrative work and costs to us. We would have to raise the price of our products to compensate for these additional administrative costs. We have decided not to do this and to do our business in the way explained above.
The VAT amount is specified on the invoice that is emailed to you after completing the purchase.
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