Manual JHacker Watch site monitoring - J3


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JHacker Watch system plug-in for Joomla! 3

A plug-in that continuously monitors whether your Joomla! website has been tampered with. It also slows down repeated back-end log-in attempts to discourage brute force attacks.
Optional Remote Monitoring service (see below, 1 week trial for only € 1.25).

This is a non-expiring free trial edition with very basic and limited functions and configuration options.
Updates will be made available on this website. Read the documentation that is part of the downloaded package.

If you want the 'real thing', get yourself the Standard or Business edition, with ample options and better protection. The Standard Edition can be downloaded for € 14.00 only.

This documentation is also included in the installation package.

License: GNU/GPL. License terms are here.
No support is provided. You may find the answer to your question on the forum.


About Remote Monitoring:

Remote Monitoring is a service provided by Innato BV and is used in combination with the JHacker Watch plug-in.
Some basic details of your plug-in install will be regularly checked by the monitoring software residing on our server, only to see if these details have changed. No content or other data whatsoever are collected. If the plug-in details deviate from your remote monitoring registration that we have on record, for example when the plug-in has been disabled, you will be notified immediately by email.

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