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JUser BestBefore user management plug-in for Joomla! 3

A plug-in that automatically disables or removes front-end user accounts of the type 'registered' that have existed for longer than the configured period. In other words: With a configured period of 1 year, all front-end user accounts (type 'registered') older than 1 year will be removed from the Joomla! database, irrespective of whether these users have been active or not. Whether a user account is disabled or removed is configurable.
The plug-in can be used on Joomla! websites that render services to registered users during a limited subscription period.

This Trial Edition only manages front-end user accounts of the standard Joomla! type 'registered' as the only assigned user group, i.e. not authors, publishers, etc., no back-end accounts and no accounts that have been assigned to more than one user group.
Specified front-end user IDs can be excluded from removal.

Also available as a Premium and Business edition, with more options.

This documentation is also included in the installation package.

License: GNU/GPL. License terms are here.
No support is provided. You may find the answer to your question on the forum.


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