We have ended all our activities, including the development and offering of our Joomla! CMS extensions. Please read the notice on the front page.

Below information is kept available FOR REFERENCE ONLY.
The mentioned paid editions, e.g. Premium and Business, are no longer offered for download


Discount & Refund Policy

Because we allow the download of fully operational software, we provide refunds on purchased software only under strict conditions, as explained below. Under no circumstances will we provide refunds on a "this software is not what I need" basis. Finding a bug in our software is not a reason for a refund, because the software was sold 'as is'. If you do find a bug, please report it so that we can fix it.
For circumstances not listed below and not specifically mentioned on other pages of this website, no discounts or refunds apply.

If you have purchased and downloaded our software product(s) and wish to migrate or upgrade, the applicable discount and refund policies are summarised below.

>> Please pay attention to the "PLEASE READ CAREFULLY" section below.

Software purchase date (1)
Migrate Joomla! platform (2)
Upgrade to higher edition (3)

Less than 3 months ago Premium or Standard/Trial edition: 50% discount
Business Edition: 70% discount
Once-only full refund for current lower edition
Less than 6 months ago 50% Discount Once-only full refund for current lower edition
Less than 12 months ago 25% Discount Once-only full refund for current lower edition
12 or more months ago No discount or refund No discount or refund

(1) Date at which your payment for the product(s) has been received by us.
(2) Migration to a different platform, e.g. Joomla! 3.x to 4.x or vice versa, of the same software package and edition, provided it is available for the target platform.
(3) For example Premium to Business. For the same software product and Joomla! platform, and provided the higher edition is available.



How to apply for a discount or refund:
Discounts and refunds are subject to prior approval by us. Before you place the order, send us an email, stating both the current plus the new product name(s) and edition(s). Include the order number(s) for your current product(s) and send your email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We cannot apply discounts in retrospect, i.e. to orders that have already been processed.

How to cash your discount or refund:
A refund is generally granted by reversing (crediting) your payment through the payment channel of your purchase. You will be notified at the email address that was used for acquiring the related product, unless you specifically ask us to do otherwise (requests by email only).
Discounts are generally granted by the issue of a discount coupon that you can use with your on-line purchase of the replacement or upgrade product. These coupons are issued specifically to your account and to the product(s) involved; they can be used only once and are subject to expiry. Coupon details must be filled in before proceeding to the order check-out. We cannot apply discounts in retrospect, i.e. to orders that have already been processed.

Note: The above terms and conditions may be subject to change without prior notice.

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